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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Anybody else actually feel kind of sorry for Lydia at the end? I know she was threatening Skyler's life and had ordered Walt to be killed, but still... having her be poisoned with Ricin just felt unnecessarily cruel to me somehow. Especially given the rather contrite mood we'd seen from Walt through the rest of the hour.

I mean it was pretty clear that she wasn't some evil, sadistic mastermind or anything; she was just a fearful and nervous woman who was constantly scared about getting caught. I would think it would be enough for Walt to simply point the DEA in her direction and have her be arrested-- which for her would still be a pretty damn terrifying fate.
Mike had it right: thinking Lydia was somehow innocent or even "less guilty" is just sexist. The minute Gus Fring bought it, she hired a hitman to start murdering all of their old associates. Mike wanted to kill her for it. She was willing to play ball with Mike, Jesse, and Walt just to save her own skin (and make a few bucks for herself.) She was always, always, always in it for herself, and just as ruthless as any of the others. Fear never drove her to leave the business, it simply got her to make rash decisions and have people killed. Not to mention, it was her brilliant idea to start shipping the blue to the Czech Republic and ensure countless more lives got ruined by it. Softballing her own heinous behavior is nothing but sexism. She deserved to die as much as any of 'em.
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