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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I had a flurry of of ST book reading at the beginning of the year which ended about the time Stuff of Dreams and Devil's Bargain came out. Since then I've been catching up on Charles Stross, Richard Stark, Joe Abercrombie and some other writers. I've been letting what's come out since then build up but I'm starting to feel some of what I've got is in my must read pile, The Fall, Choice of Futures and Historys Shadow but I decided to make my first foray into Shatnerverse by reading The Ashes of Eden. About a third of the way in and so far not overly exciting. It's got the usual good writing you would expect from a book actually written by G&R and some interesting continuity stuff but the plot itself isn't catching me.

The best book I've read recently is The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. I never ready Fantasy, I just didn't get into Tolkien as a kid, I much preferred the harder SF, but after watching Game of Thrones I asked the local SF book store to recommend some fantasy that wasn't a 10 book 1000 page each series, "Oh, you're looking for something with an ending?", and they pointed my to Abercrombie. Both books if his I've read have been great.
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