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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Anybody else feel sorry for Bryan Cranston now?

Cause he's NEVER getting a role this good again. Just never.
Maybe not, but it looks like Breaking Bad gave him a career boost and I don't think he'll be known as Walter White the way Hugh Laurie is known as Dr. House.
Certainly Breaking Bad has upped Cranston's reputation as a dramatic actor, but he never needed a career "boost." He's been acting since at least the early '90s in everything. The X-Files (where Vince Gilligan first met him), Malcolm in the Middle, Murder, She Wrote, The Simpsons, Babylon 5, John Carter, Argo, How I Met Your Mother, Power Rangers, Seinfeld... the man is the very definition of "versatile actor."
He was also good as Buzz Aldrin in From the Earth to the Moon.
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