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Re: seaquest dsv cameo in STID

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Heh, lately I've been on a nostalgic Seaquest binge courtesy of Netflix (stick with the first season is all I can say), much to the annoyance of my partner. When he brought home a copy of ST XII, he calmly asked, "Hey, do you wanna watch Seaquest Into Darkness?"

For the tiniest of seconds, my heart raced, I swear.
Eh... looking back on seaQuest season 1, it's really vanilla and at some points it dips into dull blown dullness (thanks mostly to the TNG clone feel it has). Season 2 is terrible aside from the season premiere and two episodes after that, but season 3 is pretty solid aside from a few hokey episodes.

But this just confirms what I've suspected for a while: you can slap anything before the into Darkness and it would work as a title
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