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Re: First look inside the new Stellar Cartography

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I always found the anachronistic bits of "name-dropping" in pieces of NuTrek (whether in the movies or the comics) to be the most irritating part of their attempts to "cater" to fans. It all smacks of superficial attempts to satisfy fans without actually looking into whether or not they made sense in the context of the thing they were talking about.
Or maybe just to satisfy themselves. Don't forget, Orci and Lindelof are mega-Trekkies. They probably understand the references as well as any fan in the audience does. And John Eaves, who was a production illustrator on DS9, ENT, TFF, and all the TNG movies (and designed the E-E), is also an illustrator on the Abrams films. No idea if he had a hand in that news-wall graphic, though.

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Yeah, but those are differences in visual effects, not how the ship interacts with the outside universe.
I disagree. The visual effects were just part of it; there were differences in the underlying assumptions as well. The name "time warp" suggests a different idea about how it worked, and TMP's introduction of the visual suggestion of a different "warp space" that the ship entered and existed, a precedent followed by later productions, is distinctly different from TOS's approach that seemed to treat warp drive as just going really fast.

And thanks to The Making of ST:TMP and its reproduction of Dr. Jesco von Puttkamer's technical memo on warp drive, we know for a fact that TMP's warp drive was based on different operating assumptions from TOS's, ones more firmly grounded in relativistic physics (and coming remarkably close to the theoretical warp-drive model Miguel Alcubierre proposed 16 years later). Puttkamer was the first person to codify the idea that a Trek-universe starship traveled in "subspace" -- though he defined the term to mean the spacetime pocket the ship occupied (what Alcubierre and Sternbach/Okuda both call a warp bubble), rather than a hyperspace-like dimension as it was portrayed in TNG and after. In TOS, the term "subspace" was used only for radio.

For that matter, I don't think we ever saw ships in the TOS movies engaged in combat at warp, so we don't know that it was possible with the technology they were using at that time. We assume it was because that's what we're used to, but we have no proof.
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