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Re: Dukat attracted to Nerys?

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And as I said, Kira's character arc is often about being less black and white. I guess you tell yourself that everything you do is for the good of the cause when it involves killing, terrorism, civilian causalities and you keep telling yourself that because you can't be sitting around in the grey zone of morality and get your job done. But now in her position on DS9 (out of the trenches) she has to confront that what other people did to get by in the occupation wasn't always something you could label right or wrong so easily.
Re-evaluating the memory of the occupation is definitely a central issue in Kira's development. However, I found WDTEAN was among the weaker episodes. On the one hand, it was also one of the Dukat-screws-with-Kira episodes, and I found it rather contrived that Dukat would have crossed paths with Kira's family (not without mentioning it before). On the other, the writers didn't have a firm grasp of the Vichy metaphors they were dealing with. Kira came close to recognize the victimization of her mother, but ended up being resentful, in spite of sparing her life. At the end of the Vichy regime, there were reprisals against the worst collaborators, but moreso against those like Basso than Meru. The episode should have resolved with Kira attempting to deal with the shame of her mother's actions than judging her.
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