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Re: Dukat attracted to Nerys?

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Yeah, her dad lied about what happened to mom. I might too in that situation. "Oh no honey, your mom's alive and has been the mistress of our planet's evil overlord... oh it's evening at Terok Nor standard time now, she he's probably banging her right now."

Not only is a noble death a bit more... merciful... on children's ears, but what was Kira's reaction when he learned of it? Oh yeah, she was a collaborator and deserved to die. Maybe he didn't want their kids to hate their mother.
All totally understandable. Why burden them with what would be hard to deal with in any situation but in these political times might result in the exact opposite of what Meru wanted for her children.

And as I said, Kira's character arc is often about being less black and white. I guess you tell yourself that everything you do is for the good of the cause when it involves killing, terrorism, civilian causalities and you keep telling yourself that because you can't be sitting around in the grey zone of morality and get your job done. But now in her position on DS9 (out of the trenches) she has to confront that what other people did to get by in the occupation wasn't always something you could label right or wrong so easily.

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