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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Anybody else actually feel kind of sorry for Lydia at the end?
I was thinking about her daughter. What will happen to her?
What will happen to Brock? What will happen to Flynn and Holly?

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I know she was threatening Skyler's life and had ordered Walt to be killed, but still... having her be poisoned with Ricin just felt unnecessarily cruel to me somehow.
It did seem unnecessary but the writers had to find some use for the ricin, which hadn't actually been used until that point.

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I mean it was pretty clear that she wasn't some evil, sadistic mastermind or anything; she was just a fearful and nervous woman who was constantly scared about getting caught. I would think it would be enough for Walt to simply point the DEA in her direction and have her arrested.
Tie up all loose ends. And now that we know what she was planning, it seems that Walt was right to get her out of the way.
Lydia's fate was sealed the minute she sent Todd after Skyler and the kids. No way Walt was going to let that slide once he heard about it. And even still if he hadn't, she was still someone who posed a threat to his family and the finale was about closing out his debts and finishing his business before he died. She was irrevocably a part of that business and got exactly what she deserved.

As for the ricin, one of the Entertainment Weekly interviews with Vince Gilligan confirmed that they knew they had to use it, and spent hours upon hours trying to beat out the story for the finale and that the use of the ricin on Lydia was just as much fan service to those of us paying attention as it was a means to eliminate her.

Here's that interview, that covers just about everything about the finale, with the Lydia bit included here:

On how Lydia became the ricin target
“The writers and I all subscribe to the dramatic philosophy of playwright Chekhov, who said that if you establish a gun in Act 1, you better have it get fired at somebody by Act 3. We knew that ricin was still out there and we knew it was hidden behind the wall outlet in the old White house bedroom. I guess we could have let it slide, but we thought to ourselves, ‘The audience has been real good to us, they’ve paid very close attention, we want to reward them by not leaving any loose ends here.’ And also, honestly, the actress who plays Lydia [Laura Fraser] is a wonderful, warm, sweet person but the chatacter of Lydia — we were all champing at the bit to see her get her just desserts much more than Todd even. Todd is so likable, you almost have these ambivalent feelings when he’s being choked to death. But Lydia? We were all of one mind when we were saying, ‘Oh man, she’s got to go.’ So we figured, ‘What’s the best way to do that?’ And we thought somehow she could be there when the M60 goes off, but then we thought, ‘She’d never be around for that kind of stuff.’ She’s just not that person. And then we thought, ‘Can we use the ricin?’ So we were very proud of ourselves when we figured out a way to hang it all together and have her get her just desserts as well. It was very hard-fought, trying to figure out how to plot all this stuff out so that everyone got theirs. Everyone had their final moment in the episode, and it caused a lot of headaches and a lot of stress trying to get all the stuff worked into the final hour of TV [laughs], but I feel real good about it that we did it.”

'Breaking Bad': Creator Vince Gilligan explains series finale
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