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Re: Peter David comic book story

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I never met anyone that wanted Arnold's job. Most of the people I knew at the time, myself included, believed that his job as "Mr. No-You-Can't-Do-That-In-Star Trek" should never have existed in the first place.
Every few days, he got to lead executive tours of the Star Trek sets for VIPs visiting Paramount Studios.

He got to travel the world every weekend to show slideshows of upcoming episodes of TNG, ST V, ST VI, DS9 and VOY.

He consulted with licencees (and still does, freelance) about their concepts for new Trek products.

He got to rummage through the archives to find reference photos that fitted media and licensee requests. And, IIRC, he organised them into sensible order, too.

He got to read every new script, and novel and comic manuscripts, and comment upon them - and yes, sometimes tell the editors that certain things weren't permitted. He also caught lots of continuity errors and had them corrected before we saw the result.

Sounds like a fun job to me! And, from ST IV till September 1991, he got paid to do it. (His tour guide job he'd done as a volunteer from the late 70s till 1986.)

To say his job shouldn't have existed is ludicrous. Imagine a movie studio that permitted no studio tours, or refused all requests for images.

RA often showed conventions things that he was able to fix in time, such as when the media tried to print the Enterprise upside down, or when a comic was supposed to show the main cast, but had omitted Chekov, etc, or when too many novels in a row suggested that Kirk needed to go on a diet.
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