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Re: Ok Trekkers, Don't Forget To Sign Up For Mandatory Obamacare Oct 1

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Good grief, all because the guy has vaguely brown skin. Get over it, man.
Being likewise British, I have no horse in this race. But this ^^^ is the part that always blows my mind. The sheer contortions that so much of the US citizenship puts themselves through to justify claiming that Obama has no right to be president, from the toothless redneck on the trailer park to the Republican wingnut in Congress. And all because they just can't handle there being a black guy in charge.

It's been five years, for fuck's sake. He won. You lost. Let it go.
There are plenty of us in the US who totally agree with you.
I'd say the vast majority of Americans do. Only a small, lunatic racist fringe keep going on about it. Sadly a few of them are in positions of power. But they're wasting their time having pretend votes to get rid of the ACA instead of maintaining a functioning government. So hopefully they'll get kicked out of office in the next election for being idiots.
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