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Re: Peter David comic book story

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Again, I never met anyone that wanted Arnold's job. Most of the people I knew at the time, myself included, believed that his job as "Mr. No-You-Can't-Do-That-In-Star Trek" should never have existed in the first place.
That's the perception created by how he did his job. I'm talking about what the job was in the first place, how it would've been seen before his approach tainted perceptions of it.

I mean, seriously, given how picky so many fans are about how they think Trek continuity should work, I find it impossible to believe that there aren't plenty of Trek fans out there who would've jumped at the chance to get paid to oversee all the tie-ins and ensure their consistency.
Had the post essentially been recognized as simply a "cross-platform script editor" of sorts, sure. But that was not how most fans perceived it. Arnold was the seemingly self-professed "Voice of Gene," who told us we couldn't have nice things.

Explaining what his job was meant to be doesn't negate what I've said. My personal experience of the time was that none of the other Trekkies or Trekkers I knew wanted his job. Some might have been envious of his apparent closeness with Gene, but even they, and many more besides, were increasingly suspect of that supposed closeness, especially as Gene's illness wore on and the desires and wishes Arnold relayed got more and more ludicrous.

The perception I encountered of him was "He's a tool, his job is a crock, and he's intentionally 'miscommunicating' things back and forth between Gene and the licensees and fans."
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