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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

There is more to serilisation and continuity than mere character development. And some characters had more development than others. I think O'Brien as a recurring character on TNG had more development than some of the VOY main.

If you state in dialouge things like

"We Only have 38 torpedeos and no way to replace them"
"The holdocek power system is incompatable with the rest of the ship"

And then totally ignore it later than you have a failure of continuity unless you say in dialouge how you managed to overcome that problem or at very least show visually

If your character is we must uphold the PD one week, and screw it the following and back to we must uphold it the next then you have poor characterisation. Pick one and run with it. Some might not like which one you pick but be consistant or at least show a change in view over time.

If you say several times you are resource limited yet seemingly have endless supplies don't blame the audiance for critising you for you lack of continuity. If you managed to allievate it show or tell us how.

It's writing 101.

That isn't to say there was a total lack of continuity just that there should have been far more. The premise clearly indicated a more serialised show than the more episodic show we got.

We should have gotten to know more of the crew given that they were only 140, no wait 142, no wait 149 or was it 141 crew members. They couldn't even keep track of how many crew the ship had as it seemed to fluctate from one episode to the next whenever it was mentioned espite no replacement and/or deaths. That should never happen.

Did VOY have some great episode yes of course it did, and Robert Picardo as the EMH was one of the best things about the show.
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