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Re: common misconceptions about Voyager

(With the except of two parters, and the triptych where Paris is trying to join the Kazon.) almost any episode before Scorpion can be aired in any order, any episode between Scorpion and Extreme Risk can be aired in any order with perhaps the exception of Day of Honour and Revulsion... This is odd, Berman squashed Nemesis inbetween Day of Honour and Revulsion, which is the set of episodes where Tom and B'Elanna hooked up... But from Revulsion to Endgame, except for the two parters, the only other blip that wasn't effected by the reset button was Astrometrics, so apart from hair cuts and weight you could air or watch the last three seasons in any order and it would still make perfect sense.

Ending credits, reset button every week.

Voyager was designed for the casual viewer.

70 credited writers for 170 episodes.

Just to figure out how you think, what's a show with terrible continuity look like?
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