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Re: Just Completed NuBattelstar Re-Watch

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It takes an extremely shallow viewing to make that assumption. By the end of the series, the 'God' was shown to be more akin to an advanced form of life, performing a millennia-long experiment on human/Cylon life.
Well, IMO, the overtly religious "vibe" and undertone of the series is fairly undeniable - and can easily be viewed as a rather obvious and blatant Christian parallel. Just because there's a throwaway line right at the end reference "it" not liking the god nomenclature doesn't change anything. Those of a religious bent watching may well find it "validating" in some way. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing - it's just not for me.

So, they behaved as people. The characters on BSG were the strongest element of the series.

The show was inherently optimistic. It showed a group of people who were tested and found the strength not to break. BSG was about maintaining optimism in the face of unspeakable and unrelenting horror.
See, I've heard this line of defence before. Personally, I just don't buy it. I don't currently know, nor have I met, anybody who flip-flops between compassion and "PUT THEM OUT THE AIRLOCK" extremes from out of nowhere. Yes yes, I'm sure you could come up with "in show" justifications for each and every action, but again, I just don't buy it. The characters are often just plain hateful.

Then BSG was, most assuredly, not for you.
That's purely an assumption on your part, and an incorrect one. I like many so called "dark and gritty" works - I just like them a little less forced and contrived - and not "dark" and sensational for the sake of it.
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