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Re: NuTrek references in the novels

Some fans have speculated that the 24th century events of Romulus being destroyed and such from Star Trek 09 are another alternate universe, not the one in which TNG/DS9/VOY have been set. So I suppose the novels don't have to see it as canon and make sure events lead up to it.

That being said......

I do see it as canon, and that it WAS the Prime Universe we have been following for all these years. So I do hope that soon, the first hints of the events will start taking place in the novels. But not a long build up to it. Basicly, we know what happens. I don't need 6 novels leading to the death of Romulus. What I want to read, is the aftermath. What will this do to the Typhon Pact, since the Romulans have been trying desperatly lately making sure things DON'T escalate between the TP and the Khitomer Alliance to much. Well, the Romulan government that is, other Romulans seem to have other ideas.
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