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That episode just always boggled me in the mere concept that a state could be so authoritarian to regulate what you can and can't think. To me that would be the ultimate tyranny to violate the sanctum of your private thoughts as a matter of routine.
yes, but in their society when one person's thoughts can so strongly influence someone else's action there has to be a regulation.
See, I don't buy that. If there's so undisciplined that someone else's stray thought of violence makes them do it, then make your laws require mental discipline training like say Vulcan meditation. Blaming the someone for their stray thought influencing someone else's crime is like the rapist saying that woman's loose outfit provoked him. In the end, people should be accountable for their actions no matter what is "influencing" them.

Don't get me wrong, as the society is the crew screwed up like dub suggested. They should've gotten that little detail before they sent the violent Klingon down there and just let Tuvok and Vorik handle their negotiations.
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