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Re: What happened to the rest of Vengeance's Section 31 crew?

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Any that were still alive would have died in the crash, Sulu said no one should have been able to survive.
I still don't get why he said that. How would he know? It's not like the ship exploded on impact. Given the nature of the crash it seems entirely possible that a few regular people could have survived.
It would be a high probability guess for normal humans. Except Spock did seem annoyed at what Sulu said given Khan is anything but normal.

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Lower decks, splatted on impact or drowned when in the stardrives traumatic severance and submertion.
The people in the secondary hull (if any) probably started to have a bad day when the torpedoes exploded.
Yeah. That was not a good place to be. Except the bay did look empty. What's always bothered me is how 72 (six dozen!) torpedoes going off inside the secondary hull didn't just obliterate Vengeance right then and there where she stood in space, especially considering Scotty's concern with their effect on the Enterprise and its warp core. Helluva strong ship, I guess.
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