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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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First off, this type of stuff is exactly why I no longer participate in forum boards.
You don't participate in forum boards because people ask questions? Or is it just because people ask questions you guys can't/won't/or don't want to answer?

Since it is me who actually determines where these credits are placed I will tell you that Vic's name actually is placed in the first card at the end credits for Director and appears again as his character alongside the rest of the supporting cast. It does not appear at the head of the episode. David and I have both been very busy and we have not yet had time to discuss this particular issue and I thank him for jumping in here. While I will NEVER go into discussing private matters in a public forum, no matter what transpired with Vic, or my personal feelings toward him, I would never remove his name from the episode.
James Cawley
Praise Jesus! Thank you for FINALLY answering what should have been one of the easiest questions in the history of questions. I get that you guys got burned, but it's really gratifying to see you guys taking the high road. "You've restored my father's faith..." and all that.

Eagerly looking forward to the rest of Kitumba, Origins, and Axanar. Thank you for taking the time to respond here James. I do appreciate it.
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