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Re: Kirk To Gatt-"Where's The Hull Damage?" Gatt-"Major Hull Damage Ca

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I just figured that it was a flub in the writing, acting, and/or direction that nobody caught, just as it happens in many, many TV shows and movies (Trek and otherwise) anyway.
This always puzzles me. Such a scene involves so many people and they do several takes. The actors alone: Sulu, the yellowshirt, the redshirt, the strange voice guy, Kirk, then the director, etc... Nobody notices that this piece of dialogue makes no sense?

What annoys me more is Sulu's "We're 200,000 kilometers from Earth." When exactly was he going to hit the brakes? And then when they cut to the exterior shots, they are in a close Moon orbit, which is a lot farther away.

I guess there are "flubs" in the entire film.

Just re-calibrate your suspension of disbelief to conform to the reboot
In no way am I saying that STID is one of the finest movies of all time, but even the most tightly directed films in the history of mankind will have the occasional dialogue mishap. Movies are a large endeavor, no matter how you slice it, and are primarily judged by the entire product, not a half-second line. There are larger things in a movie to be concerned about rather than a misspoken or miswritten line. If one thinks STID sucks, it's not going to be from a death by a thousand paper cuts. As it is, that line is pretty inconsequential. And what if they said the right thing anyway? Would that have changed one's mind on the movie? No. No one's experience was ruined or brought to new heights because of a single descriptive line by a minor character which had no bearing on the outcome of the plot.

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So, "major hull damage" is pretty much a "duh!" answer at this point. This line could have been fixed with something like:

"Major damage to Engineering, Captain!"
"Major lower-deck hull damage, Captain!"
"You're a major ass, Captain -- I quit!"
I think he's just talking about Major Houldemeje. That's less gibberish than you'd expect from your average Cylon Hybrid.

Now that you mention it, I think Major Houldemeje is one of the great, unspoken recurring characters in all of Trek. I'm glad the Major made it to the JJverse
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