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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Thought it was a great ending, and yet.....

Part of me was kinda hoping for something a bit more messy and chaotic for the final episode. As cool as it was seeing Walter orchestrate his plan and out-think everybody one last time, it almost seemed like he was TOO much in control (the only time he had to scramble at all was when his keys got taken away).

I think I would have preferred to see him be more of the desperate and frazzled Walt at the end, and a bit less of the calm and confident Heisenberg.
Isn't that the point though? "Chemistry is the study of transformation!"
Witnessing the change from him being a man at the beginning in his underwear, spinning out of control in his life of chaos, to the end, being a man who for his finale has mastered a life of chaos & can include anyone in it he wants, even Elliot & Gretchen
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