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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

I give up on civility on the net years ago.
Any-hoos, there's some interesting discussion a bit before the finale aired, in this thread, about how television will be difficult to enjoy now. Compared to what BB became, what's to come will pale by comparison.

I think the opposite will happen. For years this show will be studied for its creation and cultural impact. There was a great reference to the story in BB sticking perfectly together like Lego bricks and I love that analogy... there was never any wasted time in BB, no characters fluffed up for no reason, it was a lean and chemically addictive bit of storytelling that should, if anything, help people get it right in the future with time-wasting character development for characters that have no business being in the story.

It is also kind of an irony... meth is highly addictive, Breaking Bad is also highly addictive. Coincidence, or brilliant planning?
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