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Re: Dukat attracted to Nerys?

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Mr. Gardner,

Just because there were slaves in the house and slaves in the field does not mean that either one was more free than the other. One may have enjoyed a modicum of comfort over the other. Nonetheless, they were trapped by a system in which they were at their masters' mercy. They did not need to be reminded that their lives were in jeopardy: the system did that for the masters. The fact that the masters were technocrats did not make them merciful. The fact that some proclaimed to be more benevolent did not make them so, and the slaves could not take that claim at face value.
Do you know what sarcasm is?

I was calling Meru a fucking moron.

You didn't get that?

She sold out to save her kids who did not give a shit.

They still thought they were being hard done by even though their lives must have been amazing compared to everyone else who's mother was not frakking the Prefect.

But then Meru had to be careful and only make their lives back on Bajor a little better and not a lot better so that the resistance doesn't figure out that Kira family are collaborators and cut their feet off.


Kira aware of her mother paying for a happy childhood on her back is obviously the Mirror Universe's Attendant. Possibly in the Mirror Universe Meru actually sent for her children to come live with her.
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