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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I was a fan of LOST and thought the finale, and the finale season was complete shit.

So what's the problem with people pointing out their POVs? I don't get it, most were actually more funny than mean.
The problem is that they attack the creators on a personal level, which is uncalled for. They act like petulant children who think they were promised a pony for their birthday and didn't get it, when in fact no such promise was ever made. They lash out at Lindelof and Cuse personally for somehow not meeting their own individual demands for a show, when it's impossible to meet every single audience member's demands.

If I don't like a TV show or movie, I don't then blame the creators for somehow failing me, I simply understand the fact that I am not the perfect audience for all entertainment, it is not all crafted to my specific likes & tastes. I understand the fact that the person sitting next to me might enjoy that same TV show or movie that I didn't and since we viewed the exact same entertainment and it worked for them, then the only variable is me. But I then don't go online and trash the creators of shows and movies for somehow, inexplicably not crafting a piece of entertainment that I am guaranteed to enjoy. It's just immature.
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