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Re: State of Trek according to Entertainment Weekly

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Or, you know, they had genuine grievances about story quality, rehashing old plots in a watered-down fashion and an over-use of special effects over logic.
But people have argued this over and over again, all of the above is entirely subjective.

I really don't get why this issue has to be brought up over and over again.
Really? The funny thing is even in this very thread people are STILL complaining about how slow TMP was. Still. Over 3 decades later. But that doesn't make them "haters" just because they don't like certain aspects of the film. And "slow" is also subjective. Some people would say it was gripping or captivating, not slow. And TMP made lots of money in its day. So I'm sure there were plenty of fans who said, "look, it made loads of money, so more people think it's great than hate!" And I'm sure the "loud" fans "in the minority" were blamed for those pesky changes that came in TWOK, which are ironically still complained about today as well.

Of the hated films (which no doubt includes all of them), there are fans who voice their reasons for not liking the films. And then others complain. And then some folks on the other side say "why are these jerks complaining?" And then others say "you people will love anything that has Star Trek slapped on the title." And the other side says "you people will hate anything for the sake of hating it." And then some so-called 'haters' will say, "hey wait, I'm not a hater. I love Star Trek, I just didn't like this film for these reasons," to which the other side responds, "why are these jerks STILL complaining?" And the cycle continues...
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