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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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I have no doubt that Moffat cares a lot about Doctor Who.
Straightforward proof of that is that he was a regular at the first Thursday fan get together at the Fitzroy Tavern from the mid-1990s, and when the rest of the fans who were working on the new series stopped going around 2005, he carried on (memorable quote, when people were discussing The Girl in the Fireplace a week before its transmission: "Good god, is there anyone in this pub who hasn't already seen a preview disc?"), right up until the moment he got the showrunner's job (despite people virtually pinning him to a wall and pointing a desklamp in his eyes to demand that he tell them if he was getting the job: "If I was asked I'd have to think about it."). Even since then he's turned up a few times (last November, most recently). You don't do that unless you love the show...
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