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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Gotta throw something out there. Now that I am re-watching the series through these blu-rays, I wonder if Season 2 was Picards strongest season? Anyone agree with me? I think Stewart (as in the actor) was wonderful every season and is the heart of the show, but I think by Season 4-5 he was "Lightening up" or something, that I guess a lot of people like, but I never really did. But season 7, he was a smiling idiot in many episodes. I feel he "became" Stewart and less Picard.

Obviously, he was light years ahead of A-hole Picard from season 1, but when I think of his best speeches, they are invarialbly from Season 2. He seemed somewhat mean, but shouldn't a starship captian be a little mean to maintain discipline on a starship? I really love Season 2 Picard!!!
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