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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

I have no doubt that Moffat cares a lot about Doctor Who. And, for the most part, I've enjoyed his tenure. I hope he doesn't stay a whole lot longer, but that's not because I've disliked what he's done. It's just time for a change.

As for the Anniversary special. If it's a good story, I'll be happy. I also don't think we know that much about what will be in it. Just a few details from the location shooting but virtually nothing else.

However, I'm dissappointed by the lack of a classic Doctor. Don't be thrown off by the oft mentioned red-herring of a room filled with bickering Doctors. Nah, even just one would be nice. Who knows, it might still happen in the studio shooting.

But, I also figure that if the classic series could get the 2nd Doctor and Jamie in for The Two Doctors, which wasn't an anniversary special, shoot certainly the current series with a much larger budget could have done the same idea within a non-anniversary story?

In the previous season, they could've incorporated a classic Doctor and a companion into an episode.

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