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Re: Official TrekBBS Fantasy Baseball thread!

Congrats to Sportzkid for finally making the leap and joining the Winner's Circle. We'll see if we can fish out a gold jacket for you, I'm sure McCosh has a few extras he's not using at the moment

Sucks (for me) to lose on a tiebreaker for the championship, but you DID have the better record, and crushed me in head to head during the year, so oh well. Once my team heals up, I'm coming to take it back next year, though. Either way, I knocked out McCosh, which has been damned tricky over the past few years, so at least there's that. You've been running the league for a while, seems fair to let you win one.


Enjoy the off-season, and let's see about getting some fresh blood to take on the team or two that could use a new owner...
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