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The Longest Yard/The Mean Machine from the 1970s with Burt Reynolds (It's been remade as The Longest Yard in the US with Adam Sandler and Burt in a cameo role and as TMM in the UK with Vinnie Jones).
Hey brother, thanks for your reply. I've already seen The Longest Yard 2005 and I really enjoyed it.
Lockup with Sylvester Stallone
After reading your suggestion I watched the trailer and it seems a lot more 'gritty' than Con Air.

If you fancy a longer investment, try season one of Prison Break, the tv show from the mid/late 00s.

If you want something more thoughtful than Con Air and the like, the ultimate prison movie is the Shawshank Redemption. The Birdman of Alcatraz is also a must-see. Ditto Escape from Alcatraz (Clint Eastwood), Cool Hand Luke (Paul Newman) and the under-rated comedy life with Eddie Murphy.
Ok thanks! I've already seen Shawshank Redeption. Escape from Alcatraz and Cool Hand Luke might be a bit too old for me to watch.
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