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Re: Ok Trekkers, Don't Forget To Sign Up For Mandatory Obamacare Oct 1

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That absolutely can't be true.

If you're making little enough that you could qualify for Medicaid, then there's a good chance that you'll qualify for a subsidy to help with the premium.
As others have pointed out, there's a gap in the coverage scheme that was supposed to be covered by expanded Medicaid (the cost of the expansion is currently covered almost entirely by the federal government). However, the result of Florida v. Department of Health and Human Services ruled that the consequence of accepting the Medicaid expansion cannot be denial of all existing medicaid funding. Because of that, there's less incentive to accept medicaid expansion. Therefore, many have chosen not to do so. Because of that, individuals in this situation are stuck without subsidies or government-provided insurance. They might be better off paying the penalty, which, as it's tied to income, would be presumably low. But that's obviously not the intended plan.

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This doesn't apply to me, either, because I'm covered by my husband's employer. But I sure wish we had the Affordable Care Act when I was single, because I had to rely on family to help me out. If I was single NOW, I wouldn't be able to get or afford coverage because of my preexisting health problems. With this plan, I could probably swing it, if I had to.
How do you feel about the mandatory fines?
They aren't all that mandatory. It's more of a mandatory withholding of tax refunds to pay the additional taxes. Under the current law, you can never have more than your refund garnished for failure to pay the no insurance penalty. Of course, if you don't pay the rest of your taxes, then you'll have serious consequences, so I'd recommend doing that.
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