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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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I still can't imagine a valid reason for yet another show that's about a spaceship crew having some adventures every week.
Well, the idea of a spaceship crew having adventures is pretty much evergreen. The problem is more this:

the initial concept of Enterprise was the right one because it was actually different. . . The end result was TNG dressing up as a prequel just because the characters were a bit more down to Earth.
Really, this is what weighs the Trek brand down at this point: forty-six years of accumulated stylistic habits and assumptions inherited from the show, dressed up in slightly-different costumes and trotted out in series after series. Frankly, I don't even know that exploring different formats while weighed down by all those habits would solve the problem: if the idea was a weekly hospital drama set in the Trekverse, or a daily soap set in the Trekverse, or a garbage scow set in the Trekverse, it would still be facing that same problem of baggage.

I really do still think there are legs in the under-explored and long over-Kirkified Original Series milieu -- something like this is at least reasonably forthright about trading on nostalgia, and I love Peter Markowski's visual ideas for a new animated series because they involve bringing some visual freshness to that setting -- but in the live-action format?

Maybe what needs to happen isn't (he whispers) another Trek series at all. Maybe what needs to happen is learning from what Gene did well, and building something genuinely new. Trek has had its impact on science, culture, space-flight, more than one ever could have expected from a show that began so humbly. So much has happened in technology, culture, history since that could influence a very different kind of path in SF.
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