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Re: The question of God or a higher power in ST

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Part of Sisko's "duties' as the Emissary was to convince the Prophets to stop the Dominion fleet within the passage, if the Prophets hadn't done so Bajor would have been harmed and the Federation (Bajor's protectors) easily could have lost the war and been destroyed.
In that case, Sisko was more the Emissary (or at least advocate) to the Bajorans than to the prophets.
The Prophets are 'of Bajor' and have shown themselves to be specifically concerned with Bajor (and no one else) throughout their entire history (as far as we know). So what exactly would be the actual difference between Emissary to the Bajorans and Emissary to the Prophets?
Emissary has the sense of being a representative to a specific person or group who is tasked with a specific mission. Being the prophets' emissary means that he does their bidding and delivers their message. In SOA, his role is reversed: he advocates for the interest of the contemporary Bajorans, not the former Bajorans. It's not clear that they intended "the Sisko" to perform this function, and it's not clear that up to this point, the Prophets would intervene in corporeal affairs in such a way to protect Bajor (they hadn't intervened in the occupation, for instance).
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