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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

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Yes JRulez you are correct. This show should and IS GOING TO BE all about Red

and a sizable portion of the more boring or pukey in a bad way characters (ie, not pennsatucky) will be GONE by the end of season 2.

All those extraneous boring people, starting with Piper and Larry and Alex and moving onto that "romance" relationship between the guard and inmate. And Red will end up in more and more scenes until people won't even remember that this was a story about Piper (who?)..

And in Season 3 the name of the show will be changed to Red is the New Black.

But will Pennsatucky be as interesting without Piper and Alex to rail against?

I will not be upset to see the "romance" between the guard and the inmate to go away, and just HOPE she isn't pregnant!

What do you think Red's going to do to get her kitchen back?????

More critics "I the know" weigh in on the show.

In defense of "not enough crying".. Piper snd her friend, the crying lady did enough of that on the phone, and we saw it hsappen with Nicky/Tricia before the OD and Nicky/Red after the OD.

Also... no-one can forget what Maria looked like when she returned from the hospital without her baby, so they really shouldn't say the estrangement from children haven't been addressed.

Don't watch this one, Teacake.

You might find its talking to YOU girlfriend!

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