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Re: You know what would've made "Yesterday's Enterprise" better than i

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Except Worf was rescued by humans after the Khitomer massacre two years after Narendra III was destroyed. If tensions had already risen between the Klingon Empire and Federation, I doubt the USS Intrepid would've responded to the distress call. So very likely the four year old Worf would've been left for dead among the debris.
But given that's it's an alternate timeline, the Romulans might never have attacked Khitomer.
Exactly, or his father may not have been posted to Khitomer at the time of the attack.

I dont think Worf being in command of a BoP was needed, its got old during DS9, partly because of just how senior he was, I would have preferred to see that Worf to be a hungry captain of a cruiser trying to make his name but thats another topic.

In fact I would have preferred, if a known Klingon needed shoehorning in for it to have been Kurn or Duras, maybe Gowron or even one of the classic series Captains.
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