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Re: TNG Caption This! 329: Titan Dune

Thanks for the win, Leadhead

Picard: Stop. Picard time.

Q: Come on, Jean Luc, you promised me we'd go antiquing today!

Romulan Captain: Starfleet Shuttle, your pathetic attempts at seducing that woman have caused her to lodge a complaint. According to Galactic Code 35079, you are to cease all attempts to "get into her pants," and return immediately to your ship or starbase. Refusal will result in annihilation. You have 60 seconds to comply.

Riker: Okay, this is embarrassing. I guess the only thing worse would be if some kid, who resembled the Captain, had to save my sorry ass...

Counselor's Private Log: Despite his rough exterior, I have learned that by pretending to cry, Lt. Worf will fold, every time.
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