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Terminator 1 or 2: Similar movies?

Hi all, I'm a huge fan of robots. In both Terminator 1 and 2 I really love how the T-800's(Arnold) have a specific mission and everything they do is based around achieving their mission. I loved the scenes in the first Terminator where the T-800 is sitting in his room trying to plan his next move in order to complete his mission. The T-1000 has a mission as well, but I prefer the T-800's because we get to see the world from their perspective and I really enjoyed this facet of both movies. I was also completely infatuated with the episode 'Self Made Man' from the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

I'd love to be able to was wanting to look at some similar movies, or even TV shows, that I could check out that people with similar tastes to mine could recommend.

Thank you!

Edit: I also really appreciated how the T-800's were completely logical. It was as if they said "Okay, here's the goal and now let's go about achieving it."
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