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Re: Dukat attracted to Nerys?

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Teacake, I didn't say that they would send Meru home, but I did suggest that they could demote her into a parallel field like ore processing, like how what happened with Kira after she decked a guard, if she was mildly resistant to the program.
You said:

The well being of her family was not threatened. The opposite happened. It was made better, and if she went back to them it just would have gone back to the regular degree of horrible and not a new depth of horrible, if she managed her withdrawl with some grace.
Which is talking about "if" she went back to them and what the conditions would be like. So this seems to be about an option she theoretically had that she failed to take?

BASSO: Well done. I can hardly believe that you're the same women I met yesterday. In fact, you're not. Your old lives have ended. Your pasts have been erased. You have one purpose and one purpose only. To provide comfort and care to the Cardassian officers stationed here. Do that well, and you'll want for nothing. Fail, and you and your family will be sent to a labour camp. Now remember, ladies, you're all easily replaceable. Make one mistake and I won't hesitate to
Kira beat up a guard and nothing too horrible happened. She was just moved to the Stations general labour pool. Obviously Basso was exaggerating about how much power he had, and the women who didn't make it as whores would also be moved to other fields if they didn't cut the mustard in their monthly evaluations.
uhh.. but he said their families would be sent to labor camps.

She is told right here that if she fails it will suck big time for her family. It doesn't matter if Basso is a blowhard who can't do that, evaluating how much power people have over her isn't possible in her position.

So this is actually even worse than I remembered it. Dukat didn't just provide food and protection, had she failed things would have potentially not gone back to the "regular old horrible" but gotten much worse. So I don't see how you can say (above) that "the well being of her family was not threatened".

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