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Is everyone talking about Super Sentai because the latest new episode of Megaforce was just too stupid to be worth acknowledging? Because it was really, really stupid. How many more of these lame standalone episodes do we have to sit through before the Legend War/return of old Rangers stuff starts happening?
Let's see, this was episode 12 out of 20 this season so there will be either 7 or 8 more stupid episodes before we get to the good stuff, dependinng on whether they put the legend war at the end of this season's finale or if it happens during next season's premier.
Megaforce is awful and boring, Super Sentai is just more exciting (not always but it has been years since Power Rangers didn't stink), Kyoryuger is a good series, very entertaining, you should check it out.

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
Now, about about that Kamen Rider these days! I was just in Japan and enjoyed the stuff live, including a bunch of promos for a Kamen Rider with an... orange... on his head? Gotta love strange those themes sometimes!
Ah, Kamen Rider Gaim with its fruit and samurai theme ... and because that wasn't strange enough they also threw street dancing in. I like that they use several riders this season, the main rider/secondary rider set-up was getting old.
I'm most excited for strawberry arms because strawberries are the best.
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