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Why can't we have both types of novels in the 24th century? I really do enjoy the scope of books like Typhon Pact, Cold Equations, and (hopfully) The Fall, but I wouldn't mind a good old fashioned planet/alien/mission-of-the-week style adventure for the TNG or DS9 crews every now and then.

To me, Titan started out as a good mix of both. Developing character threads continuing across more-or-less episodic plots within their greater mission of exploring the Beta Quadrant. But Titan has certainly lost a step or two over the last few novels. I remember Christopher saying in another thread that he and Titan seem to have "diverged paths" or something to that effect, which is a shame. Titan's original exploration focus seemed well-served by Christopher's more (relatively-speaking) "hard science" approach. Orion's Hounds still remains my favorite Titan book, and one of my favorite 24th century books, period.

As for the 23rd century, while I enjoy TOS novels in general, can we try for a little balance there, too? A couple of 5YM stories, a couple of movie-era tales perhaps with a little interconnectivity or not, maybe a book moving into the Lost Era with Spock, Chekov, Sulu and Uhura... Getting 5YM repeatedly, for months at a stretch, wears a little thin for me.

I realize we haven't been getting two books a month like the old days for quite some time now, so there isn't as much room on the schedule, but I really, really would like to see things mixed up a bit more. But my desires are apparently at odds with Pocket's editorial and marketing philosophies these days.

If IDW's Trek comics were even half as well-written as DC's, Wildstorm's and Marvel's late 90s books' were, I'd be happy to get my "episodic" dose there, but on the whole, current Trek comics are horrendously bad.

I just want more variety than we've been getting. But that's just me, and I realize that my own personal tastes don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.
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