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Re: Better ideas for Generations

It seems Generations is either the best Star Trek movie or the worst one ever, depending on how people look at it. I personally think the movie could have been better; for me, it's not because Kirk died, but because the death could have been a much better one.

Here are what I could have changed:

1. Feature more of the TOS cast
2. Kirk and Picard have more time together
3. Put a focus on the Veridian III natives
4. Show Soran's version of the Nexus
5. Get rid of Guinan in the Nexus. She explains the nature of the Nexus to Picard on the Enterprise-D, not inside the Nexus.

To me, it seems the producers wanted to tell a big story but had to cram it into a feature-length film. It would probably have been understandable had the producers made Generations longer; I think three (or even four) hours would be acceptable.

More particularly, here is my idea:

The Enterprise-D engages and defeats the Duras sisters (but not necessarily killing them, per the other thread) as normal. The ship suffers damage, but not enough to crash onto the surface of Veridian III.

Picard beams himself and a few security officers down to the surface to stop Soran. The redshirts quickly die, Soran succeeds, and he and Picard are both transported into the Nexus. Picard sees his family and reluctantly joins them for the evening. However, deep down, he knows it's not real, and he asks for a moment alone.

"Papa, are you all right?"
"Yes, my dear René. I just need a short rest. Why don't you go play with your siblings?"

He then contemplates what Guinan had told him while the movie cuts to Soran's version of the Nexus, which has much darker themes and features things like war and conquest. Some time later, Picard remembers the Enterprise-B incident. He wonders where Kirk is, and he is transported to the Rockies.

He meets Kirk and tries to explain that they are in an illusion, like before. But Kirk is too eager to meet a fellow Starfleet captain and says they can talk about that later. They share a few tales before Picard finally insists there is a more pressing issue. After a lot of convincing, Kirk notices a lot of inconsistencies and feels something is wrong. The two captains then leave the Nexus.

Both captains then try to stop Soran, but the missile launches anyway. Fortunately, Kirk and activated the self-destruct mechanism, and the missile explodes a few seconds later.

Soran angrily decides to seek revenge on Picard; he boards his ship (which was not in the movie) and goes to attack the Enterprise-D, damaging it even more. Miraculously, Kirk and Picard are both able to be beamed back to the ship. The crew are eager to meet Kirk, but he tells them there's time for it later.

"I'd love to meet everyone here, but first we must take care of business."

The situation is becoming worse as Soran continues to attack, so Picard and Kirk beam the rest of the crew to the planet. Soran keeps attacking, and the ship is in an extremely bad shape. Convinced that there are few survivors, Soran transports himself aboard the Enterprise-D to kill any remaining survivors, and to use it to take him to the Nexus as his own ship's propulsion systems are too damaged by return fire.

There is a firefight aboard the Enterprise-D in which debris injures all three parties. Soran is able to limp towards the bridge controls while Picard and Kirk are under fallen debris. Kirk says he can't let Soran succeed; he manages to free himself demands the auto-destruct code from Picard, who reluctantly gives to him, and then he beams Picard back to the planet. He manages to briefly subdue Soran before initiating the auto-destruct sequence. Soran gets back up and uses the remaining functional engine to turn the Enterprise-D towards the Nexus. The ship explodes just as it enters the Nexus; the fates of Soran and Kirk are deliberately left ambiguous as to allow a possibility of their return.

Back on the planet, the Veridian III natives welcome the crew and show their hospitality while the crew awaits the rescue ships. Picard goes to a quiet area and wonders if Kirk managed to go back into the Nexus before the ship exploded.

Some time later, Picard attends a grand celebration of Kirk's life at Federation headquarters. Some more time later, the christening of the Enterprise-E is shown, just like how the movie began.

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