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Re: Shinzon's motives

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See the problem with that is, Shinzon was supposed to be Picard's Khan.
Where in the movie does it explain that?

Well if we want to read between the lines and not have everything spoon fed to us, most of the movie apes Wrath of Khan, the movie makers said this was supposed to be the TNG Wrath of Khan, so it makes sense that Shinzon is supposed to be Khan in this story.

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Convoluted story telling is not good story telling
"Nemesis" is certainly not my favourite Trek movie, but I have more issues with the directing than I do with the script.

Data was my favourite character; I should have been an emotional wreck at his passing.
Well we have to agree to disagree, because I did think this movie had a lot of script problems.

Another problem is, Shinzon is supposed be an evil version of Picard, but he doesn't feel like that. An evil version of Picard wouldn't destroy Earth, he would gain nothing from that, but an evil version of Picard could destroy Romulus, because the Romulans have been a threat in the past and an evil Picard could use that as an excuse to justify genocide. There would be a method to the madness of an evil Picard, there would be a sinister logic behind his actions, Shinzon's actions don't seem to reflect the type of man an evil Picard would be.

So having Shinzon threaten Romulus instead of Earth makes for a better thematic story, Shinzon is doing something an evil Picard would do and makes Picard have to save one of the Federation's most dangerous enemies in the process. That is more interesting than what we got in Nemesis.
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