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Re: TOS Caption Contest #278: A Caption of Armageddon

Thanks for the win, LeadHead!

Eminiarian Director: See? We just add more of these lens flares, and it will make our movie look much more edgy and cool!

Yeoman: You heard me. When I walked in, that's EXACTLY what McCoy was doing to that tribble!
Uhura: !!!
Scott: ...
McCoy (thinking): Aw, crap.

Another failed mind meld confirmed for Spock that "If these walls could talk" was pretty much an empty threat.

First contact protocols or no, Kirk was reluctant to take part in the Stivarian ambassador's ritual naked greeting dance.

Anan 7: Ta daaaa!!
Kirk: Oh my God, Spock! Did you see that? They just appeared out of nowhere!
Spock: I am afraid, Captain, that it was literally done with smoke and mirrors.
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