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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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The funny part is these people who are so insistent that there are missing episodes that BBC are going to announce are probably the same who, if they did somehow manage to see a missing episode would be hyper critical of it, calling it a disappointment that failed to live up to the hype it built up from years of being hidden from fandom and they feel cheated getting their hopes up for this abysmal disappointment.

Okay, now I want something to be found just so I can see if this exact scenario plays out.
LOL, so true. In fact, although it didn't go nuclear, I seem to recall a little bit of posting of disappointment with the Underwater Menace and Galaxy 4 finds, because they weren't from better Serials.
I'd thought that the general opinion seemed to be that "The Underwater Menace, Part 2" was at least better than Part 3 and had partially rehabilitated opinions on the story.
Depends who you speak to. I find episode 2 is far superior to 3 BUT I find the story extremely silly overall.
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