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Re: New Build, USS Vengeance from Star Trek XII

Wow! Looking so very awesome, MadMan! Can't wait to see her textured up!

Off-topic: Intitially (before seeing the movie), I relegated the USS Vengeance to being a deliberately ugly / villianous starship design (intended that way, and wonderfully realised).

However, since then, she's grown on me in a way I didn't think possible, becoming one of my all-time favourite starship designs - period! So much so, that I don't even think she's ugly anymore - totally a beautifully angular, aggressive looking starship - in every possible way!

Big fan here! Love every aspect of her design - particularly the Primary Saucer - as well as her long angular recessed bussard nacelles, the colourscheme, and the forward deflector (with movable panels) - the Star Destroyer of Trek Starships!

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