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Re: TNG Caption This! 329: Titan Dune

Riker: Captain, I'd be happy to be your wingman on this trip to Risa.

Picard: Dear GOD no, Number One!

Q: Sleeping alone again, Jean-Luc?

Geordi: (under the covers) Wrong room, Q.

Q: Whoops.

La Forge: Hey, Captioners! I'm tired of these Geordi can't get a date gags on me! How about something new?

Romulans: How about some "They're behind me, aren't they?" gags instead?

Riker: (thinking) Overpowered by a Ferengi. Again. I'll NEVER live this down.

Sirtis had a less than positive reaction to the suggestion of a Worf/Troi romance.
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