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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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An animated series would be cool. They talked about doing one some time back.

I thought that looked interesting as hell. If it were done in the style of the newer Ninja Turtles (not the new stupid lego-looking turtles, but the comic-book style Turtles), THAT would be F'n RAD!
I dunno, I wasn't too impressed. I would like animated Trek, but not yet another ship, another captain, another crew. They've spun Trek off to death. I think it's time to stick with the source material now: Kirk, Spock, the Enterprise.
Well if they do make this show about the TOS characters, they likely will not be get the actors from the movies to voice the characters, they would likely have to use sound alike actors instead. Clone Wars used sound alikes instead of the movie actors.
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