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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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It was okay, but I kept thinking that Anarky wasn't living up to his name. He was masterminding an intricately detailed and structured plan with a clear goal -- which is pretty much the exact opposite of anarchy.
I get the impression that the Anarky character on BtB was actually intended to be another established or original character instead. His MO, skill set and costume are so far removed from the comic character that only the anarchy "A" on his chest is recognizable.

Much earlier in this thread, I believe it was Christopher who quoted an interview with the show's creators wherein they mentioned how difficult it was to get an original character on the air. My theory is that this character is actually an original to the Batman mythos (with a name like "White Knight" or something of the like) that they were unable to use -- for legal reasons, network interference, studio veto, or something else -- so they decided to slap a circled "A" on his chest and call him Anarky.

The comic version of Anarky would have been much easier to render in CGI with his metal mask having a frozen expression that they wouldn't have to bother animating like they do with the BtB version. I think that if he were intended to be Anarky from the start that they would've opted for the unmoving face option just to save time and effort.
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