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Re: The Admirals character makes no sense whatsoever

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Does it really seem that reasonable though that a complete psychopath like this would become a Starfleet Admiral?

I don't see where all admirals have always been corrupt or evil. Admiral Hanson from Best of Both Worlds seemed alright. And the blonde admiral from TNG seemed normal enough.
You want to go there?

Evil and Corrupt Starfleet Admirals from the Prime Universe:

Mark Jameson: In his lower ranked days, gave advanced weapons to both sides in a planetary civil war. As an Admiral, overdosed on anti-aging serum
Norah Satie: Carried out a witch hunt on the Enterprise and accused anyone and everyone of being a spy, saboteur, threat to the Federation
Erik Pressman: As a Captain illegally developed a cloaking device resulting in loss of ship and most of its crew. As an admiral tried to cover it up and acted like a douchebag.
William Ross: Collaborated with Section 31, resulting in an innocent Romulan politician being framed and imprisoned.
Leyton: Tried to stage a coup against the Federation President.
Kennelly: Helped the Cardassians attack Federation outposts and frame the Bajorans and manipulate Starfleet into fighting the Bajorans.
Matthew Dougherty: Helped the Son'a forcibly relocate the Ba'ku. This one's tricky, though, since he was under direct orders of the Federation Council and therefore not technically a renegade, even if he is one of the movie's villains.
Cartwright: Where do we start? Conspiracy to assassinate the Klingon Chancellor and Federation President, framing other Starfleet officers, attempting to start a war between the Federation and the Klingons...
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