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Re: What Kinds of Characters?

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Unless this character is in a relationship from the start do you not risk having 'the gay episode'? Where we discover, however well done, that the character is gay.
Wait a minute, how many times over the course of Star Trek have we had a episode that makes it crystal clear that this or that character is straight?

I've said this before, unless you come right out and make it clear to the audience that a character is in fact gay, they basically aren't gay. I'm not saying it has to be a sex scene, but it is going to be necessary to spell it out at some point (with actions or dialog), and the sooner the better.

We shouldn't find out two or three seasons after the character is first introduced that "oh, by the way they're gay."

We found out in less than a hour in the TNG pilot that Riker and Troi had a previous affair. Only a few minutes into the DS9 pilot we knew that Sisko's late spouse was female and it had been a heterosexual marriage.

First scene of the next series pilot, one of the main male characters exits his quarters into a busy corridor, he turn back towards the doorway where his male partner is now standing, they exchange a brief passionate kiss, the character then walks up the corridor.

Really all that hard?

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