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Re: Why the lack of Classic characters?

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Then it's time he was kicked off the show and replaced by someone who genuinely does give a damn about everything that made it great in the first place.
If you expect any professional to turn Doctor Who into a nostalgia-fest full of homages and cryptic references about the show's past, you're going to be disappointed. A nod here and there, yes, a couple of references, of course, but you're never going to get the kind of wasn't-it-fun-in-the-good-old-days museum show you're interested in. Anyway, nostalgia is not what made Doctor Who great in the first place, quite the opposite.
Russell T. Davies provided fantastic nostalgia when he reintroduced Sarah Jane Smith and Davros, characters not seen on TV in many years. Steven Moffat himself brought in the Fifth Doctor for Time Crash. They were great call-backs to Classic Who, and for me anyway, further enriched the experience of the new series.
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